Strategising automation in ports

Blockchain, big data, the internet of things (IoT), automation, artificial intelligence, and digitisation are all essentials in the new era of ‘smart’ ports, but there is a human cost Supply chain transparency depends on digitisation […]

‘No single solution’ to meet 2050 target

The make-up of the global shipping fleet will need to include around 30-40% carbon neutral vessels in order to meet the 2050 emission reductions imposed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). That was the prediction […]

Big Float amphibious excavators

REMU is a Finnish manufacturing company of screening buckets, combi screening plants, and as of late, its Big Float amphibious excavators. Customers can choose any widely known excavator brand to mount on top of the […]

Forum created to discuss the future of ports

Leaders from some of the world’s most influential port cities have established a forum, which is planning a radical transformation aimed at creating an efficient, ecologically sound, digitally connected, and collaborative infrastructure. DPC looks at […]