Bio-inspired, soft and smart robotics

Soft robotics are burrowing their way into industries from medicine to deepsea mining. Claudio Flores and Danilo Flores, founders of innovation consultancy Kybernesia, depict a futuristic scenario that applies this groundbreaking technology to dredging Imagine […]

An automated future for dredging

Dredging’s precise and predictable form of operations, often carried out relatively close to the shore, make them ripe for automation, with satellite coverage paving the way for wider take-up of broadband Dredging usually takes place […]

Accelerating the energy transition

Van Oord’s sustainability director, Sven Kramer, gives a marine contractor’s perspective about leading the energy transition and considers what the company has done in-house to reduce its emissions System integration, energy storage, stakeholder engagement, and […]

Dredger of the Month: TSHD Lesse 

DPC considers how the Royal IHC and Dutch Dredging-designed TSHD Lesse can be deployed to shallow regions Trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) Lesse is the ninth such dredger in Dutch Dredging’s fleet of vessels. Launched in […]