Accelerating the energy transition

Van Oord’s sustainability director, Sven Kramer, gives a marine contractor’s perspective about leading the energy transition and considers what the company has done in-house to reduce its emissions System integration, energy storage, stakeholder engagement, and […]

Ports to step up efforts to decarbonise

Ports’ growth is tied to decarbonisation as they seek to reduce their own emissions and support shipping’s transition to low-sulphur and low-carbon fuels With the IMO’s 0.5% sulphur cap now in force, considerable effort is […]

Jupiter 1000 and the hydrogen economy

The EUR30 million Jupiter 1000 power-to-gas project at the port of Marseille is the first industrial scale demonstrator of its type that points the way to a future green hydrogen economy Financed jointly by the […]

Dredger for hydropower dam delivered

The delivery of a new cutter suction dredger to a key hydropower dam in southeast Africa is one action being taken to increase electricity supply The increasing demand for hydroelectricity in Africa and ongoing push […]

Offshore wind farms to be built in Japanese ports

Construction, operation and maintenance of offshore wind farms at Akita and Noshiro ports in the Akita Prefecture, Japan, is to begin this month, Marubeni Corporation, a Japanese integrated trading and business conglomerate, announced in February […]