Protecting US coastlines from rising sea levels

Kristin Mazur. Credit: USACE

USACE project manager Kristin Mazur’s expertise may have taken her to landlocked Afghanistan, but back home her work involves protecting the coastline against rising sea levels

Kristin Mazur, project manager for the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Norfolk district, and her colleagues on the Virginia Beach Hurricane Protection Project (VBHPP) manage a diverse workload that puts them in contact with a wide range of programmes and people. As she puts it, “We’re combating sea level rise. We’re trying to protect existing infrastructure, and our way of life.”

VBHPP is a periodic beach nourishment project that, among other steps, pumps dredged material to fortify the coastline of the city of Virginia Beach as the adjacent development is vulnerable to storms and hurricanes.

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