DEME completes foundation for SeaMade wind farm in Belgium

Credit: DEME

DEME has finalised installation of two offshore substation foundations and 58 monopile foundations, the basis for the 487 MW SeaMade wind farm, the largest in the Belgian North Sea.  

“SeaMade is a significant step in the country’s energy transition,” said Bart De Poorter, general manager DEME Offshore. “Thanks to the expertise of the teams involved, we safely and efficiently completed this project phase.” 

Beginning in September 2019, DEME employed offshore installation vessel Innovation, which was outfitted with a monopile gripper amid ships. This new gripper follows on from a fabricated for a previous job, which took place in 2014 at Westermost Rough, off the east coast of the UK. DEME indicates the new model is safer and more accurate and will allow DEME Innovation to install monopile foundations year-round. “This was also the first successful installation project with the new innovative pile gripper,” said De Poorter.

Beginning in Q2 this year, DEME’s new offshore installation vessel Apollo, launched in 2018, will carry the Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy 8.4 MW turbines from the port of Ostend to the SeaMade site. Once the export cable is installed, inter-array cables will be installed using DEME cable layer Living Stone.  

Upon completion, the SeaMade wind farm – a portmanteau of two previous offshore wind projects, 252 MW Seastar and 235 MW Mermaid – will help Belgium meet with its target of just over 2 GW of offshore wind energy capacity by 2020. The country plans to double this capacity to 4 GW by 2025, amounting to about 20% of its total energy usage. “We now prepare for a successful inter-array cable and turbine installation campaign,” said De Poorter. 

Once completed, SeaMade will power 485,000 Belgian homes.