Roads to port sustainability

Felixstowe adds new rail destination. Credit: Port of Felixstowe

Of all the challenges ports face – from digitalisation to coping with the new breed of 20,000+ teu ships – environmental regulations and sustainability are perhaps the most significant. DPC looks at current and future programmes.

Port associations are playing a major role in determining sustainability plans, with the American Association of Port Authorities highlighting the need for investment and pointing out that USD66 billion of federal cash over the next decade is vital to renew port-related infrastructure.

This will come in handy, as public affairs director Aaron Ellis told DPC, “Ports are subjected to a variety of environmental regulations – air emissions caps, habitat mitigation, and sediment monitoring. To demonstrate compliance, ports collect and provide regulators with reams of data. An interested stakeholder could access this information, but making sense of it requires time, context, and training.

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