Port upgrades in the Great Lakes

Burns Harbor west end dock to be expanded and parcel to be developed. Credit: Scott Berman

Several ports around the Great Lakes have been chosen for upgrading works to prepare for future capacity growth

The port of Indiana-Burns Harbour, a bulk port on Lake Michigan in the state of Indiana near Chicago, Illinois, is preparing for an imminent USD19.7–20 million expansion project. This is designed to boost competitiveness, multi modal efficiency and cargo volumes.

The coming set of construction works signals a variety of evolving and strategic port projects, plans, and activities in the Great Lakes region. At Burns Harbour itself, breakwater and scouring repairs are planned that need to be carried out as other impactful projects unfold.

The expansion efforts at the port, says Ian Hirt, port director, are financed by a USD9.85 million federal government FASTLANE grant awarded in 2017, with a matching amount from the port and various tenants.

The economic impetus for the project is clear, as port and governmental officials stress. When the FASTLANE grant was announced, US Senator Todd Young, a member of the key Senate Transportation and Commerce Committee, said, “Improving infrastructure is one of the best ways we can foster growth, and our ability to move raw materials and finished products is critical for economic success.”

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