Dredging Data: Newbuild port projects in Asia, Australia & Russia

According to IHS Markit reports, “Myponie Point has been identified as a potential location for a new deepsea port that will involve the transhipment of iron ore from local mines to an offshore floating facility able to accommodate Capesize vessels. The project has been declared as a major development by the Western Australia Government and a substantial amount of work has been put into the initial planning stages on land.”

The first stage of the project is said to cost about USD2 billion with Braemar intending to build a port and wharf facility, 2 n miles north-west off the coast at Myponie Point, about 10 km north of Wallaroo in Spencer Gulf, consisting of fixed moorings to secure up to four floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) facilities.

The FPSOs comprise converted Capesize or similar ships to filter and dewater slurry delivered via pipelines and to stockpile ore. The latter would then be loaded onto cargo ships from the FPSO. Water removed from the slurry would be returned to Braemar mines and processing plants via pipelines. A small desalination plant would be required for washing slurry filters and on board domestic use. It is expected that the facility will be able to produce 100 million tonnes per annum, with the first stage of the project expected to have a capacity of 25 million tonnes per annum.