Dredging Data: Dredger incidents

Using IHS Markit’s data on shipping accidents, this edition of DPC looks at incidents, such as founderings, collisions, and strandings, which involved dredgers over the course of 2018–19.


Timeline of events

16 Jan 2018: Brasinho
Suction hopper dredger Brasinho capsized and partially sank while dredging at Barra do Lavajo in the Gulf of Cadiz, Portugal. After the incident, four overboard crew were rescued

9 Feb 2018: Argerena
The suction dredger foundered in the Rio Parana Guazu, Argentina, after developing a list owing to sand shifting. Crew was rescued by fishermen, an oil spill was contained.

8 Mar 2018: Belomorskiy
Suction dredger Belomorskiy sustained a 2 m bow crack when collding with icebreaker Kapitan Yevdokimov at Maimakskiy Fishing Port, Russia. No injuries or pullution reported.

10 Mar 2018: Sirius Hoj
Danish Bogense marina grab hopper dredger Sirius Hoj’s cargo shifted, the vessel took water and partially sank. Crew rescued and 1 m-wide strip of scattered oil film cleaned up.

21 Mar 2018: JBB Rong Chang 8
Suction hopper dredger JBB Rong Chang 8 capsized in the Malacca Strait, Malaysia. Five crew rescued, 13 missing, and eight bodies recovered. Salvage of wreck begin in June 2018.

26 Mar 2018: Mimar Sinan
Mimar Sinan, a backhoe dredger, sustained an hydaulic oil leak while dredging at Portier Cove, France. Pollution absorbent rod deployed for clean up by owner.

2 Apr 2018: Trofa
Dredger Trofa’s steering gear motor overheated in Kamyshovaya Bukhta, Ukraine. Returned to Sevastopol Fishery Sea Port, Crimea, Ukraine, for inspection and repairs.

30 May 2018: Barlovento Primero
After suction dredger Barlovento Primero sank, all three crew were rescued by another dredger. No injuries or pollution reported, but owner removed bunker fuel and salvaged the wreck.

14 Jun 2018: David Allan
Trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) David Allan collided with Warnow Merkur while berthed at Newcastle, Australia. No pollution or injuries reported. Sustained minor damage.

30 Jun 2018: Hegemann I
TSHD Hegemann I sustained hull damage near Borkum, Germany. Diving inspection of trailing suction hopper showed damage to hull, which was repaired at Emden Dockyard, Germany.

15 Aug 2018: Scheldt River
Scheldt River’s hydraulic pipe lost 150 litre of oil while dredging in the Elbe, Germany. TSHD’s 1.5 mile oil slick of unknown amount was left to disperse naturally.

29 Aug 2018: Sandtroll
Sandtroll stranded approaching berth at Odda, Norway. The suction dredger was refloated by its own means and berthed for cargo discharge and inspection later.

1 Oct 2018: Inai Kenanga
Inai Kenanga took water in the engine room and intentionally stranded at Sungai Pulai, Malaysia. TSHD’s port hull shell plating and machinery in engine room repaired.

1 Oct 2018: Strandway
TSHD Strandway was in collision with FV Tobber in the North Sea off Veere, Netherlands. No damage, injuries or pollution reported.

5 Nov 2018: Eemshorn
Suction dredger Eemshorn struck a pillar on the Oosterscheldekering storm surge barrier off Neeltje Jans, Netherlands. Sustained severe damage to bow and forward mast.

16 Nov 2018: Veera Prem
Veera Prem stranded after dragging anchor near Karaikal, India, in heavy weather. Hopper dredger was anchored attempting repairs to its port main engine at the time of the incident.

15 Dec 2018: TSM Ancora
TSHD TSM Ancora sank in Khawr al Qulay’ah near the South Khor Buoy off Al Hidd, Bahrain. The vessel had been laid up at the anchorage for several years.

15 Jan 2019: Sawanishi Maru No. 3
Sawanishi Maru No. 3 and fishing boat Dai Sakae Maru collided in Harima-Nada off Takamatsu, Japan. The latter capsized and broke into two sections, only crew died.

23 Jan 2019: Rio 4
Suction hopper dredger Rio 4 was involved in a stranding in the Scheldt Estuary, Netherlands. No damage, injuries, or pollution were reported and the vessel was refloated later.

23 Feb 2019: Irini
Irini stranded at Mykonos, Greece, while attempting to moor in the old port in heavy weather. The vessel was refloated the following day after no damage was recorded.

15 Mar 2018: Alcantra Santos
TSHD Alcantra Santos dragged anchor and stranded during heavy weather at Beira, Mozambique. No pollution was reported and it was refloated by early June for inspection.

8 May 2019: SL-D1
Dredger SL-D1 took water, intentionally beached and partially sank in the estuary of the Bucao River, Philippines. No injuries sustained, but some oil pollution was caused.

30 May 2019: Cuu Long
Hopper dredger Cuu Long developed a list and subsequently sank near Truong Giang Estuary, Vietnam. Oil and 9,000 litres of diesel oil removed prior to salvage operations.

20 June 2019: Haeyang
Haeyang, a grab dredger, collided with fishing vessel in the Sea of Japan off Gampo-eup, South Korea. The fishing vessel capsized after the incident and all 12 crew were rescued.