Interview: Kristen Fidler, director of Harbour Development

Kristen Fidler, Maryland Port Administration. Credit: MPA

A vast project to fortify islands in Chesapeake Bay, USA, offers an opportunity to be a good neighbour, says Kristen Fidler, Maryland Port Administration’s director of Harbour Development

“It’s an exciting time,” said Kristen Fidler, director of Harbour Development for the Maryland Port Administration (MPA), United States. She is working on the planning processes for an enormous project that will use clean sediment, maintenance dredged from navigation channels serving the Port of Baltimore, to fortify two eroding islands in Chesapeake Bay.

The so-called Mid-Chesapeake Bay Island Ecosystem Restoration (Mid-Bay) project will provide decades of storage capacity while restoring natural habitat at James and Barren islands. And with a federal-state engineering and design agreement in hand this year, “things are really moving forward,” Fidler said.

The next steps for Fidler and her colleagues include pulling together the project delivery team, consisting of geotechnical, survey, and engineering specialists.

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