Dredger of the month: Willem van Oranje

TSHD Willem van Oranje. Credit: Boskalis

Willem van Oranje will be the first dredging vessel in the world to operate on 100% biofuel oil. The sulphur-free sustainable residual fuel consists of used cooking oil and no fossil fuels

Her Majesty Queen Beatrix (her son Willem-Alexander succeeded her in 2013 to become the King of the Netherlands) named and launched the 12,000 m3 trailing suction hopper dredger Willem van Oranje on 10 February 2010 at the Royal IHC yard in Kinderdijk, the Netherlands.

The theme of the naming ceremony was the celebration of the Boskalis centenary. Given that background, and to underline the historical significance of the year, the vessel was named after the founder of the Dutch nation, Willem van Oranje – William of Orange.

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