Boston Harbour to deepen berths & access channels

Cashman at work in 2018. Credit: USACE

Deepening the berths and access channels for Boston Harbour to increase ship traffic will yield economic benefits for the region

USD350 million campaign is now under way to deepen and widen the channels of Boston Harbour, Massachusetts. The intention is to support increases in marine traffic and business at the port of Boston’s container operation, the Paul W Conley Terminal, and other port facilities, which handle bulk, automobiles, and cruise vessels.

The US Army Corps of Engineers’ project will also remove tidal restrictions – the local mean tidal range is 2.89 m – that have hampered big growth in vessel size and traffic.

Officials have emphasised the importance of Conley as well as the broader economic benefits that the dredging campaign will generate as there is the need to compete with ports that have or are upgrading facilities.

US Senator Edward Markey stated in March 2019, “Investing in the port of Boston ensures our local industries, manufacturers, and workers are competitive in an increasingly globalised economy.”

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