Beneficial use for the Great Lakes

View of preliminary work at Lower Rouge River Old Channel. Credit: USACE

Efforts are under way in the states bordering the five US Great Lakes to reuse dredged material improve water quality, keep navigation channels clear, and fortify and recreate habitats

Initiatives in one of the states bordering the five Great Lakes, USA, are particular telling to accelerate beneficial reuse of sediment: in Ohio, with its northern border on Lake Erie, the spur is a July 2020 deadline set by a state law to end open lake placement of dredged materials.

The Ohio law behind the deadline is called Senate Bill 1 that was passed into law in 2015, spurring sediment management initiatives in the Lake Erie port cities of Lorain, Toledo, and Conneaut. Furthermore, two other bills have provided USD20 million funding towards implementing beneficial-use projects that also meet the deadline, explained Scudder Mackey, chief of Ohio Department of Natural Resources Office of Coastal Management.

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