Ports to step up efforts to decarbonise

Blue ripples on water top view. Credit: Getty Images/amtitus

Ports’ growth is tied to decarbonisation as they seek to reduce their own emissions and support shipping’s transition to low-sulphur and low-carbon fuels

With the IMO’s 0.5% sulphur cap now in force, considerable effort is being invested in serving large vessels with the cleaner fuels they require to meet with the regulation. Such massive-capacity ships now have the pick of ports in northern Europe in respect of depth and unloading throughput, but providing enough low-sulphur fuel for these vessels is challenging. Oil majors have already called into question the availability of heavy-fuel oil for vessels equipped with scrubbers.

While it was initially assumed that supply would be abundant, it transpires that a relatively low number of scrubber-equipped vessels does not warrant the cost of keeping supply lines open.

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