Vessel traffic solution to improve safety at fogbound Peruvian port

Traffic safety will be enhanced with the installation of Wärtsilä’s VTS in the busy Peruvian Port of Callao. Credit: Dmitrii Vinogradov

Wärtsilä has announced that its Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) solution will be deployed in the Port of Callao in Peru to improve the port’s safety. Dense fog and haze are a constant challenge that often make shipping conditions dangerous in the port.

The Port of Callao is one of Latin America’s most important ports. The VTS solution will provide the port with the technology needed to ensure uninterrupted operations, while increasing safety levels and facilitating arrival, docking, and departure for visiting ships.

Wärtsilä said its VTS solution extends the safety and efficiency of navigation “beyond the limits of traditional coastal systems”. Technological elements are connected through a single central operating system, enabling the data to be available across the whole operational ecosystem.

Meanwhile, with the support of automated self-learning decision support technologies, the VTS solutions make it possible to operate a ship traffic control model similar to the aviation industry. Ship movements can be advised and controlled, even beyond territorial waters, using radar, VHF, HF, weather, electro-optical equipment, and sensors.

Technologies deployed at the Port of Callao include solid-state IALA advanced radar, long-range thermal imaging, ultra-precise global positioning for pilotage operations, HF and VHF communication, data analysis, recording, and dispatching. An oil spill detection system is also included in the overall scope of supply, with delivery of that particular system planned for January 2021.

“Our system will significantly improve the port’s efficiency by integrating high-end Wärtsilä products and technologies and is a clear example of our ‘Smart Marine’ approach to raising efficiency and safety levels. The VTS will be fully integrated with a Wärtsilä-provided port management information system, and will have smart CCTV tracking,” said Eduardo Rosiello, senior sales manager of the Callao VTS project, Wärtsilä Marine.