San Diego dredging impacted by COVID-19

Oceanside Harbor. Credit: Oceanside Harbor

Covid-19 has cut short a dredging operation by contractor Manson Construction in San Diego, which was set to remove 400,000 cubic yards of sand, and has now wrapped up with only 250,000 completed.

The work at Oceanside harbor was also impacted by heavy weather conditions, with rough seas and the march rains combining with Covid-19 to render the ongoing operation untenable. However, the 250,000 cubic yards is around the is around the same as is generally achieved in yearly maintenance dredging.

The contractor, Manson Construction, pulled up anchor March 21 after dredging about 250,000 cubic yards of material, which is closer to average amount removed most years during the annual spring cleaning of the harbor entrance and channel.

“As it got to the end, they went from three shifts, 24 hours a day, down to one shift a day,” said Oceanside Harbor Division Manager Ted Shiafone. “A lot of employees went home to be with their families.”

Sand was dumped south of the pier, where it would go on to nourish various eroded beaches. “They got farther south on the beach with sand than they have in many years, past Tyson Park,” said Shiafone.