PIANC publishes climate change guide for ports

Climate change adaption planning for ports and waterways. Credit: PIANC

The World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure (PIANC) has published a new document detailing how ports can prepare assets for a changing climate.

The aim of the guidance, titled Climate change adaption planning for ports and inland waterways, is to provide support to adapt port and waterway infrastructure and operations to the effects of climate change.

The four-stage methodological framework to help port and waterway owners and operators plan for improved resilience is as below:

  • Stage 1 facilitates understanding of how assets, operations and systems could be impacted and who should be involved in identifying climate change adaptation requirements
  • Stage 2 identifies the type of climate-related information needed to prepare an adaptation strategy, and explains how reference to climate change scenarios can assist in understanding the range of possible future changes
  • Stage 3 describes how the vulnerability of waterborne transport infrastructure assets, operations and systems can be assessed and a risk analysis undertaken
  • Stage 4 presents a portfolio of structural, operational, and institutional measures  to be considered when developing an adaptation pathway.

The guidance can be found on the PIANC website and be downloaded here.