Offshore wind farms to be built in Japanese ports

Offshore wind farm to be constructed in Japan. Credit: Norbert Pietsch/Pixabay

Construction, operation and maintenance of offshore wind farms at Akita and Noshiro ports in the Akita Prefecture, Japan, is to begin this month, Marubeni Corporation, a Japanese integrated trading and business conglomerate, announced in February 2020.

The project will be carried out and implemented by Akita Offshore Wind Corporation and will cost approximately Y100 billion (USD921 million) and generate around 140 MW of electricity.

33 wind power generators will be set up in the ports of Akita and Noshiro, with Marubeni Corporation expecting the wind farms to become operational by the end of 2022.

The electricity generated by the windfarms will be acquired by Tohoku Electric Power Company under a 20-year power purchase agreement and will be used exclusively for commercial use.

The government of the Akita Prefecture chose Marubeni Corporation to lead the project in 2015.