Feasibility assessment for deep water port in Tarragona carried out

Aerial view Port of Tarragona. Credit: Port of Tarragona

Siport21, a port engineering company, has conducted a feasibility assessment for a new deepwater dock at the Port of Tarragona, Spain, which would allow both large cruise vessels and ultimately, large bulk carriers to call there.

Phase 1 of the project would comprise extending the port outward with the construction of a cruise dock, while phase 2 of the project would comprise a bulk-carrier handling facility on the other side of the harbour.

The Siport21 project included collaborative work with local pilotage experts in a simulated port scenario, as well as with the Port Authority technical staff, to assess the maximum operability conditions of the potential new docks, and the efficacy of ships navigating the local underwater terrain and passing through the gap between the Phase 1 and Phase 2 facilities.