Combined wave and solar system installed in Gibraltar

EWP Installs a Combined Wave and Solar System in Gibraltar. Credit: Eco Wave

Eco Wave, an onshore marine energy developer, has installed a combined wave and solar system in a grid-connected wave energy power station, installed off a World War II ammunition jetty in Gibraltar, as part of a long-term testing programme.

Eco Wave integrated eight solar panels on the surface of eight floater devices, already operational in Gibraltar to harness wave energy. Each panel has the capacity to create 330 w and combined capacity of 2.640 kw.

The viability of the combined energy solution will be tested and long-term advantages will be reviewed with the possibility of integrating solar panels in all future Eco Wave installations.

The Eco Wave solution installs so called “floaters” onto pre-existing marine structures in port that move with the motion of the waves. These floaters turn a piston, compressing hydraulic fluid, which, when released, provides the energy to turn a hydraulic motor. This then activates an electric motor to produce electricity.

The Eco Wave Gibraltar project is co-funded by the European Union Regional Development Fund and the European Commission’s HORIZON2020 framework programme.