Chinese dredging company sued by crewmen over unpaid salaries

Jindonghai Group dredger. Credit: Jindonghai Group

The Chinese province of Guangdong, with the support of the Guangzhou Maritime Court, has recovered outstanding wages for 22 crewmen.

In October 2019, the crewmen, who are employed by Guangdong Jindonghai Group, a privately held marine and civil engineering business, lodged a suit with the court, claiming CNY 1.83 million (USD260,000) from the company. The court promptly investigated the assets of Jindonghai.

The investigation showed that Jin Dong Hai Jun 1, a dredger owned by Jindonghai, was already arrested. The investigation showed that Jindonghai had more than 160 bank accounts and of the funds in these accounts, close to CNY 2.3 billion had been frozen by five other courts. Jindonghai had a few other bank accounts that were unfrozen, leaving open the possibility that the funds could be withdrawn.

The process was difficult and involved the excessive monitoring of Jindonghai’s accounts, but the Guangzhou court managed to freeze 33 accounts, each with deposits ranging from CNY 100 to CNY 300,000.

According to Guangzhou Maritime Court, the Jindonghai has undertaken to clear all the outstanding wages before Chinese New Year, which falls on 25 January 2020.

This article was first featured in DPC’s sister magazine, SASSAS’s attempts to reach Jindonghai for comment were unsuccessful.