Big Float amphibious excavators

REMU’s Big Float amphibious excavator. Credit: REMU

REMU is a Finnish manufacturing company of screening buckets, combi screening plants, and as of late, its Big Float amphibious excavators. Customers can choose any widely known excavator brand to mount on top of the Big Float pontoons, which are manufactured in three sizes.

Each excavator is carefully weighed and measured to assure the needed stability and buoyancy on the pontoons. Pontoons are also available without any upper structure.

This amphibious excavator is designed to operate in challenging terrains such as swamps and coastal areas where reliability has immeasurable value. It runs on normal excavator tracks. The standard excavator chain parts are available worldwide and there are far less wearing parts in the standard excavator chain system compared with other chain systems.

All kind of digging as well as dredging in shallow water areas up to 9 m can be done with the Big Float. Removing mud or stones, transforming reservoir banks, or cleaning industrial waste ponds are the most common applications for the tool. Big Float has been successfully used to construct levees and dykes in wet, soft terrains such as marshlands and wetlands around the world.

It has also been used to assist water pumps and other dewatering and damming jobs. The Big Float can also operate as a tool carrier for suction dredging equipment.

When the machine is equipped with a rake, aquatic vegetations and roots that are piling on the bottom of a waterway can be removed.

This way, the Big Float offers a safe and convenient way for landscaping in swampy areas and
on the shoreline.