Undocking ceremony of the new Chinese TSHD Bin Gang Jun 8

TSHD Bin Gang Jun 8. Credit: Bert Visser

The new 7,200 m3 trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) Bin Gang Jun 8 was successfully undocked at the shipyard of Huangpu Wenchong in Guangzhou, China.

The new dredger is being built for the Binzhou Port Group.and has been designed specifically to dredge at the Binzhou Port with very unique soil conditions.

The Bin Gang Jun 8 has been designed by Royal IHC and the construction takes place in close cooperation between IHC and Huangpu Wenchong.

IHC has provided the basic design, the delivery of the main propulsion system including main diesel engines, the delivery of the entire dredging installation, the power generation and distribution including the full automation package like ECO-pump, TSC, automatic visor control, adaptive draught control, as well as the automatic pipe sequence control.

The Bin Gang Jun 8 is the first dredger equipped with a desulphurisation unit (EGCS) in China. The ship has a total length of 111.25 m and a width of 24.5 m.

Binzhou Port is still under construction. The state owned Binzhou Port Group is responsible for the investment, the financing, the construction, the operation and the management of the port.

The new 7200 m3 TSHD will a main asset in the construction and development of the port.