Taichung gears up for wind power

Taichung wind farm Credit: Martina Li

Taiwan’s Taichung port is renovating four wharfs to accommodate wind turbines in line with President Tsai Ing-wen’s strategy to increase wind power within the country’s energy mix.

The renovations will be completed in phases, with the fourth wharf to be refurbished in 2025, and are part of an USD82 million plan to turn Taichung into a base for offshore wind power.

Taiwan International Ports Corporation, the port authority, will renovate or rebuild the facilities at Wharfs 2, 5A, 5B, 36 and 106 in Taichung port. These facilities will be leased to private companies to produce, store, assemble and transport wind turbines. Works on Wharf No. 2 were completed early this year.

In March, at the Asia Pacific Wind Energy Expo in Kaohsiung, the British Office in Taipei and TIPC signed a memorandum of understanding to cooperate in developing Taiwan’s offshore wind industry.

The British Office’s representative, Catherine Nettleton, said: “I hope that our collaboration will make a significant contribution to the development of Taiwan’s port infrastructure during the construction, operation and management phases of Taiwan’s offshore wind farms. The UK has the biggest offshore wind capacity in the world, and through this we have built up a great deal of experience and expertise that we look forward to sharing with TIPC and other offshore wind partners in Taiwan.”

The MoU signing coincides with the UK government’s recent announcement to dedicate more government resources to technology innovation in the offshore wind sector.

Port of Taichung president Chung Ying-feng said: “In the future, with the progress of constant wind farm construction, we can see the port area being busy with operations on large turbine components and wind farm support vessels both onshore and offshore. With the cooperation with the British Office, we aim to borrow the UK’s forward-looking development experience in offshore wind farms in order to broaden our global horizon as a green port and enhance the performance of related port facilities and services.”