Specialised dredging school opens in Africa

IHC Merwede's 3D rendering of what will be the largest dredging vessel in South Africa. 3D rendering of the 5 500m3 Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger. Credit: Transnet National Ports Authority

South African rail, port and pipeline company, Transnet, has opened a dredging school that will form an integral part of its maritime school of excellence (MSoE).

The training courses will focus not only on new recruits, but also help improve and provide further training to existing operators, project engineers, and maritime crew.

The course comprises of an initial 6-month programme of basic modules of maths, maritime English, and physics. As well as specific dredging related modules, such as hydraulic processes, hopper design components and surveys. A further 3-month internship will complete the programme taking place aboard a dredger or within a dredging company or organisation.

The MSoE school is also equipped with a trailing suction hopper dredging simulator to aid further training of experienced dredging personnel. For these there are specialised condensed courses lasting for 5 of 10 days.