Search carried out for crew member after suspected fall from sand dredger

Members of the Water Rescue Team. Credit: Media Info Jalanan

A search operation was launched on 17 December for a an Indian national reported missing and feared drowned after it was believed he fell from a sand dredger carrying out works in Batang Lebaan, Malaysia.

A spokesperson for the Sarawak Fire and Rescue Operations Centre, in charge of the search-and-rescue operation, said it dispatched five members of the Water Rescue Team from the Sungai Merah Fire and Rescue Station in a rescue lifeboat to the location of the incident.

According to initial police reports, the crew member, Venkatesh Sumanth, is 21 years old and from Periyapatna, Karnataka, India. He was last seen by his colleagues aboard the sand dredger at 1000 h local time on 14 December, the alarm was raised when he did not show up for work on board at 0700 h the next day.