Seabed exploration survey to be carried out in Gulf of Mexico

Ocean Bottom Nodules. Credit Seabed Geosolutions Fugro

An energy company has awarded a 3D ocean bottom node (OBN) survey in the ultra deepwaters off the Gulf of Mexico to Seabed Geosolutions.

Seabed Geosolutions, a Dutch seabed data acquisition service, will carry out this survey over an area covering 270 km2 and in water depths up to 2,100 m. The survey will commence in the third quarter of 2019 and take approximately four months to complete.

The use of 3D OBNs, a tool used to gather seismic data of the seabed, deployed by remotely operated vehicles, will provide a detailed visual map of areas below the seabed and specific resources or reserves that can be explored.

The Gulf of Mexico is considered to be a challenging area for this type of explorations, owing to complex overhanging salt bodies that distort or impede data being pinged back from the node to the ship.