SABCA DEME to provide drone inspection services

Neptune new blade rack. Credit DEME

SABCA, an aerospace industry supplier and DEME Offshore have entered into a partnership for the development and deployment of unmanned vehicles to perform surveillance and inspection services for offshore wind farms.

Both companies argue that these technologies can increase health and safety of their employees, lower the impact on the environment during operations and maintenance, and reduce the overall costs of these operations.

In the future, it is expected that drones will continue to contribute significantly to lower the levelised cost of energy, describing the competitiveness of different energy generation methods, in this case renewables.

DEME works closely with renewable energy customers to offer cost-efficient and reliable maintenance and repair solutions for offshore assets. By adding drone services, there is a greater ability to provide accurate and detailed inspection data while simultaneously increasing safety and reducing downtime and costs.

On the use of drones, DEME CEO Luc Vandenbulcke added, “More accurate data results in shorter response times, better availability and a higher electricity output. Also, as offshore wind turbines are getting bigger, the industry needs maintenance partners that can follow this trend.”