Project to upgrade Scrabster Harbour

Scrabster Harbour. Credit Scrabster Harbour

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), has pledged GBP5 million to develop Scrabster Harbour, near to the Dounreay nuclear site in the north of Scotland. This is expected to improve the capacity of the harbour, to be able to accommodate cruise ships and vessels working in the offshore oil and gas industry.

The project includes refurbishment of the harbour’s St Ola’s Pier, to increase its its capacity to receive larger vessels. The financial contributions will come from the NDA’s socio-economic fund.It is understood that the programme of improvements, worth GBP17 million in total, could increase revenue for the harbour by 18% over five years. The main focus of the project is to help the community transition from overdependence on the decommissioned Dourneay nuclear site.

Along with the modifications and refurbishments to the pier, dredging work will also be carried out to increase the depth of water in the harbour, allowing for the larger vessels to berth.
Scrabster is a Trust port, overseen by a board of management appointed by the local community. All surpluses generated from the harbour operation are reinvested in the port and its infrastructure.

The port is one of the UK’s import hubs, supporting fishing, oil and gas and renewables industries, and providing ferry links to Orkney.