Memphis dredging project underway

CSD Integrity. Credit: Inland Dredging/Dredging Contractors of America

Inland Dredging Company is a month into its dredging project in McKellar Lake Harbour, Memphis, Tennessee.

The company is working under a three-year contract with the Memphis District of the Army Corps of Engineers and have deployed their 61 cm cutter-head suction dredger (CSD) Integrity to carry out the works.

The Corps Memphis District begins at the mouth of the Ohio River and runs down the Mississippi River to the mouth of the White River in Arkansas, running approximately 604 km.

McKellar is the largest of the ten harbours that run along the district. In the first nine days of the project, Inland Dredging Company had already removed 146,300 m3 of sediment.

Greg Ford, president of Inland Dredging commented, “With the significant high water we have had this year, there is major concern for above average silting in many harbours, up and down the river-ways. We are running into heavy silting areas in Memphis area, and with grain season coming, it’s all hands-on deck to get these cleared and functioning before the harvest.”