Jan De Nul completes cable installation for Nasr offshore field development project

Cable layer Isaac Newton. Credit Jan De Nul Group

Jan De Nul Group has completed the cable installation for the phase II full-field development of the Nasr offshore oil field. Jan De Nul was subcontracted by Hyundai Heavy Industries for the cable loading, transport, laying and protection of three 132kV subsea power cables, which have a total length 147km, and ten 11kV subsea power cables with a total length of 57 km.

The oil field is located approximately 130 km northwest of Abu Dhabi and the project is part of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s (ADNOC) strategic development programme to increase the field’s capacity to 65,000 barrels per day.

A total of 204 km of cable was loaded in Norway, transported and installed at the project site in two separate trips with the cable laying Vessel Isaac Newton. The vessel carried the longest and heaviest of the cables, being 71 km long and weighing 6,000 tons, between Das Island and the Nasr field. This was then installed in a single length. The vessel completed the task between multiple platforms and well head towers within the congested seabed of the oil field.

Furthermore, the Vessel Daniel Bernoulli executed the full cable protection scope including 53 km of post-lay trenching, the installation of 671 concrete mattresses as well as 8 km of rock berm installation as its maiden project.

Being at a significant distance offshore and by careful deck management, the vessel carried out both mattress installation activities and subsea trenching activities, sequentially maximising vessel efficiency. In addition, a rock berm protection for subsea cable was designed and incorporated for the first time in the ADNOC offshore fields.