Google subsea cable arrives at Valparaiso

Google-funded Curie cable touched down in Valparaíso, Chile. Credit: Google

Recently, the SubCom Durable cable layer transported Google’s subsea cable, Curie, to the coast of Valparaiso, Chile. The cable project, realised by subsea transport company SubCom, will connect the Pacific coast of Latin America with California through the 10,000 km Curie cable.

The Google funded cable, estimated to cost USD47million, is part of the company’s initiative to build a more secure and intelligent infrastructure, as well as increase internet performance. The Curie cable is one of three subsea cables funded and installed globally by Google, to connect the world to its network and users to the Google Cloud platform.

The company chose to install the cable in the region to continue to strengthen the connection of existing international data, as well as advance Google’s long-term mission to gain a billion internet users.