Foundation monopiles sent to Formosa 1 Phase 2 offshore wind farm project

Components for wind farm construction. Credit Jan De Nul

All 20 foundation monopiles for the Formosa 1 Phase 2 offshore wind farm project have left the EEW SPC shipyard in Germany, and are now on their way to the port of Taichung in Taiwan. Construction will be able to begin on arrival of the components.

The Formosa 1 offshore wind farm is located 3 km off the coast of Miaoli. The Formosa 1 Phase 1 offshore wind farm consists of two Siemens 4MW demonstration turbines, the first offshore turbines installed off Taiwan.

For Formosa 1 Phase 2, the contract awarded to Jan De Nul concerns the extension of the existing Formosa Phase 1 wind farm, adding twenty 6MW turbines with a total output of 120MW.

Jan De Nul’s scope entails the procurement and installation of the wind turbine generator foundations, including scour protection and cables. Construction will be completed in 2019.