Floating solar panel project planned in Rotterdam port

Floating solar projects, like this one in Singapore, are proving a popular option in the Netherlands. Credit: SERIS

The Dutch water management agency, Rijkswaterstaat (a branch of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment), along with the government real estate agency, Rijksvastgoebedrijf and the Port of Rotterdam, have started market consultation for a 100MW floating photovoltaic power (PV) project.

The development, named Zon op de Slufter, could be installed on a 250 hectare contaminated water basin at the Maasvlakte industrial facility at the port of Rotterdam. The giant solar panel project would float above a dredging spoil storage spot.

The project is part of a programme launched in March by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the Rijkswaterstaat. The main objective is to make surfaces available for floating or ground-mounted PV schemes.

The programme currently has three other projects, focusing on solar noise barriers along Dutch highways.