Dredging data: Recycled dredgers

In this edition of Dredging data, we look at the age of a vessel at the time it was recycled and in which country it was dismantled between 1980 and 2019.

The three countries leading the table in terms of recycled dredgers are India with 34, Belgium with 28, and the UK with 22 vessels, shortly followed by Turkey with 21 recycled dredgers. While India and Belgium have been consistently active in the recycling market, the UK has left the business after the turn of the century.

The first recycling boom happened between 1986 and 1990, with 30 vessels of different types being recycled. The average vessel age of this five-year timeframe comes to 28 years, while vessels recycled during the second recycling peak, between 2011–15, were in service for a decade longer, with an average age of 41. While all types of dredgers were dismantled, TSHD was the most common with 18 vessels.