CEMEX dredge pump e-motor passes performance test

Testing of parametres. Credit Damen

Building materials company Cemex Marine UK has added a submerged dredge pump driven by an electric motor (e-motor) to its new marine aggregate dredger CEMEX Go Innovation. The dredge pump drive manufactured by Dutch shipbuilding and engineering company Damen, is powered by a permanent magnet unit of 1,400 KW and has passed a final series of testing.

The hopper dredger is designed for mining marine aggregates at -55 m below sea level, with the air-filled dredge pump being driven by the continuous e-motor. The testing involved not just the e-motor, but the complete drive train including the frequency converters. Both Damen and CEMEX representatives were present at the testing to monitor the project. All tested gear will now be shipped to the Netherlands to be fitted with the other dredge pump parts and then mounted into the trailing pipe system.

The air-filled e-motor is considered to be smaller and lighter than conventional asynchronous oil filled ones and is controlled by a water cooled active front end drive. The e-motor was designed jointly by Marotechniek, a marine parts manufacturer and Damen.

The hopper dredger MAD3500 CEMEX Go Innovation is currently under construction at the Damen shipyard in Galati, Romania. The dredging equipment is constructed by Damen dredging equipment in the Netherlands. The dredger will be used by CEMEX Marine UK to mine aggregates in the British Channel and North Sea.