AI to streamline services for materials service provider

AI Alfred. Credit: Thyssenkrupp Materials Services

Materials distributor and service provider, Thyssenkrupp Materials Services has integrated an artificial intelligence (AI) solution into its processes, known as Alfred.

Alfred is supported by Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure and supports Thyssenkrupp by managing the global logistics network, made up of 271 warehouses and over 150,000 products and services.

The system is expected to help optimise transport routes, making materials more readily available when needed. Klaus Keysberg, CEO of Thyssenkrupp said, “Artificial intelligence is one of the technologies that will make a decisive contribution to competitiveness in materials distribution in the future.”

The system is anticipated to analyse and process the 14 million order items received annually by the company more efficiently and bring all the company data together onto a single platform.

By using the self-learning algorithms based on Microsoft Azure machine learning, Alfred will analyse all relevant information and generate findings as well as recommendations.

“From procurement through warehousing and logistics to sales, we rely on integrated digitalisation concepts with our self-developed IIoT platform toii. toii allows us to flexibly coordinate and optimize the processes of warehousing and logistics,” commented Keysberg.