Tahitian port steps into smart era of cargo-handling

Papeete cruise port terminal in Tahiti
Papeete cruise port terminal in Tahiti

Papeete, capital of the French Polynesian island of Tahiti, is entering the smart port era.

The Papeete Port Authority (PAP) has invested in Ci5, an intelligent cargo application that manages the flow of goods. The local port community has renamed the system ‘FETIA’, which means ‘star’ in the Tahitian language.

The system will provide port users with a single window for tracking merchandise, thereby shifting it through the port more quickly and avoiding multiple, redundant paper declarations. The authority has already installed the application’s ‘building block’ and the system will be fully implemented by the middle of 2019.

PAP general director Georges Puchon said, “The Ci5 Cargo Community System [CCS] has a star-network architecture that links all operators, meaning that we can create a single window for the entire port community while integrating an interface with the FENIX software from Customs. This concept will speed up processing times, reduce the risk of error, and increase productivity.”

In addition to strategically managing the supply chain, the user-friendly Ci5/FETIA application provides a quick search engine, predictive text entry, modularity, customised display, and dashboard displaying urgent and priority issues.

Developer MGI will deploy a dedicated technical team to provide help with implementation, training, and operation of the Polynesian Single Window FETIA.

The community has expressed interest in installing the Ci5 air module in the future.