The new fuels on the block

DEME’s LNG-powered TSHD Minerva, Credit: DEME

Driven by the IMO’s ambitious programmes to reduce greenhouse gases and also cut CO2 by 2050 to 50% less than in 2008, the maritime industry is seeking new fuels and propulsion systems to work towards a green, sustainable future. DPC looks at recent innovations

Boskalis claimed a world first in late October 2019 in running its 12,000 m3 trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) Willem van Oranje on 100% biofuel oil. This is the company’s key next step in its ‘Boskalis on Bio’ programme, launched in 2015 in conjunction with biofuels supplier GoodFuels and engine manufacturer Wärtsilä.

As DPC has reported in the DPC December 2019 edition, earlier successful tests have used drop-in blends of light biofuel and marine gas oil (MGO). The second-generation biofuel oil is sulphur-free, consists wholly of used cooking oil, contains no fossil fuels, and allows carbon reduction of 90%. Since the launch of this programme, Boskalis has used this alternative to fuel its dry earthmoving equipment, trucks, and offshore installation vessels, as well as dredgers.

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