Dredger for hydropower dam delivered

Ellicott Dredges' 1270 Dragon dredge that was recently assembled and launched at Kapichira hydropower station in Malawi. Credit: Ellicott Dredges

The delivery of a new cutter suction dredger to a key hydropower dam in southeast Africa is one action being taken to increase electricity supply

The increasing demand for hydroelectricity in Africa and ongoing push by governments in the region to improve the operational efficiency and capability of existing hydropower plants continue to widen the market for portable cutter suction dredges (CSDs) for use in silt management of water reservoirs at the power generating facilities.

Africa has an estimated 36 GW total installed hydropower capacity with huge volumes of impounded water reservoirs, which experience buildup of sediment every year. While this sediment can be removed through dredging, some countries have mulled construction of new dams or increasing the height of the existing ones to replace water storage capacity lost because of sedimentation.

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