Vessel of the month: Cable layer Nexans Aurora

Nexans Cable layer at wind farm. Credit: Ulstein

Nexans turned its latest vessel, the cable layer Aurora into a self-reliant ship in its quest to connect more remote parts of the world

When cable manufacturer Nexans’ new cable layer Aurora enters into service in the second quarter of 2021, it will be nothing less than “the most state-of-the-art cable-laying vessel in the world”, owner Nexans claimed.

A bold claim considering what changes the shipbuilding industry is going through in terms of technology. From designing vessels using a digital twin to changing propulsion technology, developments are aplenty.

When asked by DPC which of the vessel’s features stand out, Nexans therefore highlighted four main points. “The large capacity split turntable and the two laying lines are unique, and large working areas allow for safe operations, both for personnel and for our cable products. The Aurora hull is also shaped to facilitate near-shore operations in shallow waters, and for deepwater operations equipped with excellent station keeping capability.”

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