New canal project underway in Köping and Västerås

Rendering of Sodertalje lock chamber. Credit: SMA

A challenging lock and canal project at Södertälje, Sweden, is designed to diversify transport in the region by moving some cargoes off roadways and rail and onto waterways

The outmoded, 95-year-old Södertälje lock and canal, located about 36 km from Stockholm, connect Sweden’s Baltic Sea coast, via the Himmerfjärden Bay, and the 120 km-long Lake Mälaren, where two cargo ports operate at Västerås and Köping.

Together, these handle roughly 3 million metric tonnes of bulk, mostly incoming, such as coal, timber, steel, scrap metal, petroleum, and some containers. Part of the project will be to dredge the lake’s fairway.

The project by the Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) will boost capacity through the 5.2 km-long canal by 50 % – with freight carried by larger and thus fewer vessels.

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