Kenya’s second Indian Ocean port

Regional focus Kenya

Trade is expected to grow in Kenya owing to Shimoni and Kisumu ports being upgraded in the East African country.

Kenya Ports Authority (KPA), the operator of East Africa’s largest Indian Ocean port of Mombasa, has completed a feasibility study for the USD198million expansion and upgrading of Shimoni port, one of the 11 small ports in Kenya.

KPA managing director Daniel Manduku said, “The feasibility study for Shimoni port is ready,” in January 2019. It confirms the viability of the port situated off Wasini, an island off the south coast of the East African country, nearly 4km along the access channel to the Indian Ocean. Approval of the study is awaited from Kenya’s National Treasury before an invitation is advertised for private sector developers to partner with KPA in expanding the port that currently has a capacity of 10,000 metric tonnes.

The study was carried out by Dutch firm Maritime and Transport Business Solutions (MTBS), which will also develop transaction documents, tender process organisation, and support on transaction implementation through to transaction closing.

MTBS said, during the study, it evaluated “the commercial, technical, financial, legal, and environmental feasibility of Shimoni port project and provided options for the public private partnership (PPP) development of the port.” The private sector will provide additional funds for the construction of port facilities and other supporting infrastructure, and will also be responsible for the operation of the port under a concession.

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