Interview: Scudder Mackey, chief at the ODNR

DPC Scudder Mackey. Credit: ODNR

Ohio has ambitious plans for its water bodies, which are being brought to fruition under careful guidance of its charismatic chief of coastal management

Scudder Mackey, chief at the Office of Coastal Management at Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), has his work cut out for him with the ambitious efforts being marshalled by stakeholders across Ohio and other states in the Great Lakes region. The focus: to improve the lakes’ water quality; to create, enhance, and restore wetland habitats, help keep shipping channels open, implement use and processing practices that increase capacity for dredged materials, and to forge partnerships that get results.

In Ohio, efforts comprise numerous environmentally beneficial initiatives, including dredging components under way on Lake Erie, which spans most of the state’s northern border, such as a state-funded, USD10 million set of sediment processing and retention projects announced in 2019 at the cities of Lorain, Toledo, and Conneaut.

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