Interview: Cox Powertrain – the case for replacing petrol with diesel

CPT chairman Charles Good. Credit: Cox Powertrain

In 1966, 20-year-old Charles Good narrowly escaped serious injury when a fire started on his wooden boat after he spilled petrol – an accident that made it frighteningly clear, there was a need to replace petrol with diesel for craft with outboard motors. Today, he is doing just that.

UK company Cox Powertrain (CPT), based at Brighton City Airport in Shoreham-by-Sea, has developed the CXO300 diesel outboard motor. Rated at 300 hp, it is believed to be unique being the only diesel outboard that has been developed from the ground up, and will go into full production in October.

The CXO300 has already grabbed the attention of the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) and the US Navy (USN), the latter currently carrying out validation trials with a view to installing the outboard on its rapid response vessels.

Indeed, the MoD was an early investor in CPT, and was keen to acquire powerful diesel outboards, especially following the introduction of NATO’s single fuel policy, which aims to cut the use of petrol-driven equipment in favour of diesel. The UK and the US have pledged to achieve the terms set by the policy by 2021. CPT has also developed global links with other government agencies.

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