Dredging faces issues with recruitment

Credit: Jan de Nul

The dredging industry is always in need of competent crew. However, the industry continues to face challenges to recruit and select capable staff

The complexities of today’s dredging industry require a highly skilled workforce and competent crew.

The sector provides a wide variety of possible careers on board dredging vessels, including master, first and second mates, deckhands, pipe operators, cutter operators and dredge masters, mechanical, and electrical engineers.

International dredging companies are in competition with other related maritime industries, and with each other, to attract competent crew members.

However, the competition is for the highly-qualified, and skilled candidates. There is at present no shortage of crew, and this has a lot to do with the decline in the dredging market.

Over the last two to three years, hundreds of workers from various positions in dredging companies have been made redundant because of market difficulties, notes Pascal Bounin, operations director and co-owner of recruitment firm Boreas Maritime.

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