Ambitious dredging project and ferry terminal underway in Toronto

Toronto aerial of progress. Credit: Waterfront Toronto

An ambitious water front project reforming a section of Toronto, along with a separate dredging initiative, and a ferry terminal development, signal an active and diverse construction scene on Lake Ontario, Canada

A USD1billion project, formally called the Port Lands Flood Protection Project currently underway in Toronto, Canada, is part of a long-term redevelopment of 809 ha of old industrial grounds in and near Toronto’s lake front Port Lands district, which abuts the city’s working marine port.

“This is one of the largest civil works projects in Canada,” as well as a “part of the largest waterfront revitalization programme in the nation,” said Mira Shenker, project communications manager for Waterfront Toronto, a governmental agency that develops the city’s shoreline parcels. The entire project will “revitalise primarily post-industrial waterfront land,” she added.

The Port Lands project – funded by the nation, province, and city– began in December 2017 and is slated to be completed in 2023. At that point, work will turn to develop businesses and homes on the remade land. While Waterfront Toronto implements the current project, Canada’s Ellis Don serves as construction manager.

The construction is unfolding on land adjacent to the port of Toronto, an intermodal bulk and cruise operation that handled about 2.2million metric tonnes of cargo in 2017. The ongoing project will not impact the marine port’s location or operations, according to the port.

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