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Emerging dredging technology

Low emission propulsion; sensors; hybrid drives; etc.
Beneficial use of sediment: changing attitudes in dredging about re-use of dredged material.
Regional focus: Holland

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Coastal resilience

Combatting the impact of climate change through engineering and fixed installations
Trends in ports: Automation and new equipment used to assist larger vessels and faster turnaround
Regional focus: China

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E-learning, simulators, virtual/augmented reality and other training programmes in the spotlight
Green dredgers: A look at the companies making impressive efforts to reduce their environmental impact
Regional focus: Germany

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Onboard connectivity in the dredging sector allows input from the shore-side and also interactive decision making in real time
Inland dredging: A look at the dredging activities at the world's busiest inland ports (both maintenance dredging and also deepening of harbours)
Regional focus: Australia and New Zealand

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Changing views on topics such as dredging windows, the London Protocol, sediment handling and environmental restrictions
Offshore focus: Wind farms, cable laying and pipeline construction requires engineering expertise
Regional focus: Canada

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Attracting and retaining the younger generation and mapping the future of the sector
Seabed mapping: increasing reliance on real time data by cargo vessels and port authorities is spiking demand for seabed monitoring and use of ROVs
Regional focus: Scandinavia

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Deep sea mining

The latest advances in this emerging field, with a focus on the vessels and techniques used to reduce environmental impact and costs
Big data: We examine the benefits of benchmarking for the dredging fleet and also how data is guiding port expansion projects
Regional focus: USA

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Unusual dredgers

A look at bespoke vessels that stand out for their unique features
Large project equipment: A look at the best dredging and port construction equipment available on the market for larger ports taking on expansion projects
Regional focus: Middle East

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Hydrography report

Modelling and survey technologies are evolving at a rapid pace
Small project focus: a look at the types of equipment best suited to small scale dredging and port construction projects
Regional focus: UK

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Trends in dredger maintenance

Condition monitoring, remote maintenance support and balancing the digital vs physical needs of modern ships
Safety in dredging: is the interaction between marine engineers and equipment leading to smoother operations and error reduction
Regional focus: South East Asia

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Information technology

Big data, cyber security, dredging & port software
Land reclamation projects: Ambitious ports and their plans to expand their physical domain
Regional focus: South America including Panama

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Modern equipment manufacturing

New techniques and innovative materials used in the manufacturing of dredging equipment
Retrofits and renovations: Adapting existing vessels to use new fuel, equipment upgrades and more
BONUS: Year in review - The big projects of 2018
Regional focus: Africa

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Jan 2020

Low emission technology in dredging

Propulsion, sensors; hybrid drives; etc
Materials reuse: Dredging and the circular economy
Regional focus: Netherlands

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