Overview of new CEDA guidance papers

Kathleen De Wit. Credit: CEDA/Ernst de Groot

During the CEDA Dredging Days, Charles Wilsoncroft, HKA, in his function as chair of the CEDA Working Group on Effective Contract-Type Selection (WGECS), gave an update on a new CEDA guidance paper, titled Effective Contract-Type Selection in the Dredging Industry.

Following on from the CEDA Checklist for Successful Dredging Management, the two documents form a set of tailored guidance papers that can be used by organisations involved in the practical and contractual delivery of dredging projects worldwide.

This comprehensive paper provides an accessible guide to the general procurement path, and includes the overall process, important points of consideration, and guidance on various factors influenced by certain standard contract types. It also provides an in-depth analytical method for objectively measuring a user’s specific project, and related requirements and constraints, and for comparison against standardised contract types.

This guidance paper gives users a more scientific, auditable, and demonstrable basis for contract selection. It can be found on CEDA’s dredging.org website.

In addition, Kathleen De Wit, IMDC, Belgium, informed the CEDA Dredging Days attendees that the CEDA Dredging Management Commission has published guidance paper, titled Practical considerations for project owners on soil investigation, that will also be available online.