Contaminated sediments: Useful resources

Controlled flood area Durme river. Credit: Y. Adams (Vilda)

CEDA has produced two papers and a web information portal to support beneficial sediment use. In the last edition of DPC,we looked at the information paper Sustainable Management of the Beneficial Use of Sediments and in this edition, we look at the position paper Assessing the Benefits of Using Contaminated Sediments

The Central Dredging Association’s (CEDA) Working Group on the Beneficial Use of Sediments has prepared a position paper, titled Assessing the Benefits of Using Contaminated Sediments, which will demonstrate that it is technically suitable to use contaminated sediment for a range of beneficial end use applications.

Further, the paper states that no dredging project should be avoided on the basis that “no action” is preferable to a risk management approach where all benefits have been considered.

The beneficial use of contaminated sediments is generally no different to the use of uncontaminated sediments, the paper has found. Both types of sediment can be beneficially applied, yet there are restrictions imposed on contaminated sediments regarding the potential environmental impacts from contaminant exposure. As such, this sediment must be managed appropriately.

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