CEDA information paper: Sustainable use of sediments

Building with Nature. Credit: Ecoshape

The Central Dredging Association (CEDA) Working Group on the Beneficial Use of Sediments (WGBU) has prepared a paper, titled Sustainable Management of the Beneficial Use of Sediments, which will inform everyone who works with sediment about the recent advances, ongoing international initiatives, programmes, and best management practices.

Its main focus is the beneficial use of sediments and their value as a natural resource in the context of sustainable development using relevant case studies.

For this, the WGBU researched and collated details from 38 case studies, undertaken in 11 countries and focusing on data from the last 10 years. Based on these case studies, beneficial use examples ranged from dredged materials generated by anthropogenic sources and natural sediments, construction applications, or how they helped to restore freshwater and marine habitats.

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